Tasmanian Health Service

The Tasmanian Health Service (THS) provides and coordinates public sector health services and health support services through a range of inpatient, outpatient, community health, residential aged care and in-home settings.

Services include acute, subacute (not severely ill), emergency, non-admitted, primary health care, palliative care, oral health, cancer screening, mental health and alcohol and drug services.

The THS also provides community-based child health services for children 0-5 years and their families.

To provide an integrated, holistic and patient-centred approach to health care delivery, services are flexible to target specific needs at the different stages of a patient’s health journey.

The THS operates four major hospitals, each with a specific role in the system:

  • the Royal Hobart Hospital is the principal referral hospital for residents of Southern Tasmania and provides several tertiary services for the state
  • the Launceston General Hospital is the principal referral hospital for the North and North West of Tasmania and provides several tertiary services for residents of those areas
  • the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie provides acute general hospital services in the North West Region
  • the Mersey Community Hospital at Latrobe is a dedicated elective surgery centre for all Tasmanians and will continue to provide a mixture of general hospital services to the local community.

Subacute inpatient care is provided at the major hospitals and the THS network of rural hospitals (including multi-purpose services and multi-purpose centres).

Our rural hospitals also provide some emergency care as well as a wide range of community health services.

Some rural facilities also provide residential aged care.

The THS provides a range of services at the community level including allied health, community nursing (including specialised nursing), home care, palliative care, dementia services, specialised case management services, aids and appliances and health promotion programs.

These services are generally provided from community health centres and rural facilities, but can also be provided in patients’ homes, schools and workplaces.

Organisation Chart

Service Areas

Shows map of Tasmania split into North-West, North and South Regions